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It was an evening on 13th of Dec. 2007. Marcin entered his bedroom, sat by the desk, switched on the reading-lamp and suddenly a huge explosion shook the apartment. The windows were blown up and so was one of the walls of the bedroom.

Marcin had stored some varied chemicals in his bedroom . They were kept in the ceramic vessels and used to conduct experiments and cleaning / etching the meteorites collected by him.
We don’t know for sure what caused the explosion. However, the police experts say that certain air conditions ( extremely low humidity) might have made the fumes of two kinds of chemicals react in this way.

Marcin Kaczmarzyk, the 21- year -old student of The Technical University in Rzeszow, (Construction and Environmental Engineering) had a nasty accident in Dec. 2007.
He was badly injured in a huge explosion. After several lifesaving operations, Marcin was in pharmacological coma for 3 weeks and his condiction was critical.
Many students, friends and family members gave blood for him (much more than was actually needed) contributing to saving his life (and many others).
Marcin sustained numerous shotgun-like wounds from exploding containers.
The doctors have removed some ceramic splinters from his body recently.
He managed to escape death, but it wasn’t possible to save his left hand, 3 fingers of the right hand and....both eyes...!!!. Marcin is hoping to get his eyesight back and hands recovery thanks to the new medical devices, like “bionic eye” and "cyber hand".
Marcin will require a very expensive treatment and a long aftercare. He needs the artificial limb and eyes. He will also undergo an operation in order to set his broken right arm, reconstruction of right palm and piece of right thigh.

The goal of this website is to appeal to the people - willing to help Marcin - for donations in favour of “Rzymsko Katolicka Parafia Św. Rodziny w Rzeszowie" (“Saint Family Catholic Parish in Rzeszow”) . The best way to do this ( in Poland) is to allocate 1% of yearly tax (when filling yearly tax statement form) to the benefit of “Let’s act together” ( a part of the tax can be allocated to charity by discretion of each taxpayer). This way is easy and efficient, however not possible outside of Poland.

The other way to help is by direct donations to the bank account ( in the Republic of Ireland, for Marcin's funds only) that belongs to Marcin’s brother – Łukasz Kaczmarzyk, who lives and works in Galway. Łukasz is gathering the money in AIB account and also running this website and its Polish version.

My promise:
All collected founds to be send to Poland to Marcin's account managed by "Saint Family Catholic Parish in Rzeszow" approx. once every 2 weeks.
Account statements to be show on this website.

Lukasz Kaczmarzyk

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wtorek, 27 stycznia 2009

Changes achieved during last years

During last year after I left hospital many hard – warming changes Has appeared.
My ears treatment has been successfully accomplished, I can swim without any worry, only a little malfunction of right ear remained.
Most of the leg muscles have rebuild so I have no problems with walking at all.
Thanks to many donators also visitors of this website I am assembled with the best hand prosthetics in the world: Touch Bionic’s A-LIMB HAND.
I find it really useful, especially while my right hand is seriously damaged. Every finger of this hand is moveable and can offer very precise grip. Controlling it is very intuitive and does not cause any problems.
Whether I – LIMB HAND is the strongest prosthetics in the world, it is still a fragile electronic device and should be protected from water and dust. That is why I have to use special gloves covering electronics. I can use really nice cosmetics skin as well as clear “skin robotic” presenting the robotic nature of the hand.
According to information I have obtained research under artificial sight are still in progress and it is a matter of 5-10 years to reach a proper level to be used in blind’s treatment.
As I mentioned, many positive achievements was made, however a lot remains to be done. The cost of artificial sight would be considerable for sure, so I’d like to thank in advance for anyone who has a will to help me in any way.